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While it may technically be a superficial concern, acne’s effects run deep. Ongoing breakouts cause physical and emotional damage. Even if the active acne clears, scarring can occur during healing and remain present on the skin, making it impossible to ever really find freedom from pimples. While teenagers are the stereotypical acne sufferers, this is a misconception. Acne can impact any individual at any point of their life. Many adults actually develop acne later in life or find it worsening as they age.

 Do not force yourself to become accustomed to blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, or arms. You deserve clear skin. And with the arsenal of laser treatments and dermatological services available, we can help you improve acne and regain confidence.

Double Chin

Covering up your chin or neck with scarves and turtlenecks? You are not alone – a double chin is an incredibly common problem, for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages. If you face down a double chin every morning in the mirror, learn more about how to take steps forward and trim your chin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

We spend our lives getting accustomed to seeing a certain face when we look in the mirror. The aging process completely disrupts our expectations. Instead of seeing smooth skin each day, wrinkles and fine lines start creeping in around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Our faces sag slightly, and our appearances begin to change. While gradual aging is inevitable, premature aging is frustrating and confidence-sapping. But facial lines do not have to mar your complexion – gentle rejuvenation is possible, and with a treatment option that suits your needs.

Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

While brown spots may be irritating, large patches of hyperpigmentation are even more pressing. Large areas of darkened skin cloud your face and break up your even complexion. Those struggling with hyperpigmentation or melasma can find it difficult to discover effective treatment on their own, as home remedies are largely inadequate. Melasma can appear anywhere on the faces, on the forearms, the neck, and other areas with frequent sun exposure, making it a prominent concern. It is time to try something new. A variety of cosmetic treatments will improve your melasma, and yield beautiful results for your skin.

Loose Skin

Aging affects us all differently. But sagging skin is one of the most common concerns to arise as the years pass. Loose skin not only leads to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, but it can also obscure your other features to further detract from your appearance. Patients struggling with hooded eyelids, loose skin on the neck, deep furrows around the mouth, jowls, or other sagging skin can find pronounced improvements with nonsurgical skin tightening.

A facelift is fine for some patients, but the majority are not interested in taking such a drastic step. And why should you when non-invasive options lead to comparable results? Patients want to look natural, not like they yanked all the skin on their faces up to their hairlines.

Rosacea and Redness

Red skin is not necessarily a sign of a skin problem, but that does not make it any less annoying. While redness can be due to irritants, sun exposure, insect bites, or countless medical conditions, it can also be a symptom of rosacea. This condition affects an estimated 14 million Americans and is most common in middle-aged women with fair skin. It can be acute or chronic, disappearing and reappearing over time and changing in intensity. If left untreated, rosacea can actually worsen over time, with new flare-ups becoming more intense.

Treat both generalized redness and rosacea with a selection of cosmetic procedures. These options will help you minimize redness and improve skin tone and texture.


Scarring is an important part of the body’s healing process. But when healing is complete and scar tissue remains, that scarring becomes a burden. Whether sunken, raised, or flat and discolored, scars mar your skin and detract from your appearance. If you are ready to get attention off your scars, non-invasive cosmetic treatments can make a significant difference. Make your scar less noticeable and yourself more confident.

Stretch Marks

Actually a form of scarring, stretch marks can form on many different parts of the body. Some of the most common include the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. The marks form deep within the skin, in the dermis (the thick layer that gives skin its shape). Constant stretching causes the dermis to break down and leave marks on the outer surface. These marks typically start off red or purple and then turn glossy, leaving silver or white streaks on the affected area.

Whether your stretch marks are located on a prominent area of the body, or are only on display at the beach, you want them gone. Nonsurgical treatments can improve skin tone, texture, and help break up the scar tissue. While topical agents can help improve newer stretch marks with routine usage, they will not make a difference to silver/white marks, and they take a long time to show results.

Stubborn Fat

Dieting and exercise can lead to incredible results and personal transformations. But when it comes to spot-specific fat loss, even spending all day on the treadmill may not produce the changes you are hoping for. Stubborn fat on problem areas like the stomach, upper arms, hips, backside, and thighs tends to cling to your body, resisting your best efforts to slim and tone.

It is time to take a direct approach. Our body contouring options destroy fat cells while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. Each treatment method has its own ideal applications, and our team will help you determine the treatment plan that is just right for your own needs.

Find a firmer, slimmer body and get rid of the love handles or muffin top that have been driving you crazy. Noninvasive fat reduction targets fat for good!

Sun Damaged Skin

While brown spots may seem innocuous as they form throughout your life, many of us reach a point where we are no longer willing to put up with our freckles and dark patches. Clusters of brown spots can change your facial appearance and detract from your features. Ongoing spot production leads to disrupted skin tone and a cloudy complexion. With simple, light-based treatments, you can regain your youthful visage and fight back against sun damage.

Before prescribing any treatment plan, we will examine your skin and determine ideal options. You may benefit from a single treatment, or a combination of different treatments.
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